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Marketing for e-commerce

Trends 2021

With the onset of the pandemic, competition between online stores has grown, and the battle for the customer has intensified. Unusual advertising methods, different platforms, provocative topics are used. Marketing tools continue to change and transform and everyone has to live in a new reality and play by the changed rules of the market. Have they become more difficult or, on the contrary, has it become easier to advance? We have collected the main areas in which Russian and Western specialists will work in the coming year.

SEO and contextual advertising

PPC advertising and SEO continues to bring real customers. Their capabilities are also adjusting to new realities. For example, take a look at Turbo Pages. They load, as Yandex promises, 15 times faster than the originals, since they are a compressed format. They will likely dominate the search results soon.

Emoji in the description. A person pays attention to a bright element, especially in a homogeneous text. Therefore, if using emoji seems bad taste, don”t jump to conclusions. The overall attractiveness of the snippet determines the interest in the page, so pay attention to the look and content.

Voice search is a convenient way to get information, which saves time and effort. It can be used while driving or when there is no time at all. Optimizing content for voice search will help you increase traffic, retain and grow your audience.

Smart campaigns can help you quickly reach new customers on the Display Network. No need to spend hours manually setting up targeting and the necessary parameters, because Google can do this automatically. And thanks to machine learning, these services are getting smarter. It is also now possible to automatically add even complex goals in Metrica, which previously could only be done through code. An update was also announced for the page ranking algorithm from Google – now it will take into account the refined clustering of topics, measure interactivity and visual stability, indexing of page fragments will appear. The updated version of Google Analytics 4 has many useful marketing tools. Here is some of them:

 Determination of propensity to buy. The new version allows you to combine visitors into groups depending on the likelihood of purchasing an item. Perhaps this is thanks to an algorithm that analyzes behavior.

Additional engagement metrics. Now you can find out what your articles are being read, whether videos are watched and how often files are downloaded. Bounce rate is now excluded.

Cross-platform attribution. Helps to track all points of interaction with customers and, accordingly, evaluate the effectiveness of channels.

The interface has also been updated and the connection of new tags has been simplified.

Yandex.Direct now has the ability to customize short-term interests. This is useful when you can target your ad to people who are currently searching for a product or have searched for several previous days in a row. For example, set up an ad for sunscreen for a person who was looking for a swimsuit the other day because they are going on vacation. These text-image ads are shown only on networks.

In addition, a pay-per-conversion model is now available on both Google and Yandex. But it is worth considering when planning a budget that money with such a setting can be spent unevenly.

Online activities

 A year ago, advertising was full of announcements of forums, conferences, trainings and seminars. Event marketing was popular and really brought in new acquaintances and clients. Offline events peacefully coexisted with online ones. Indeed, even without a complex epidemiological situation, it is more convenient to watch broadcasts and training videos from home. But the virus shuffled the cards again. At first, people rushed to do events on the Internet. But it turned out that this is not easy in technical and organizational terms. If a company does not have the experience and understanding of this format, it will be costly and difficult for it to launch such events. The recording itself is also appreciated, it can also bring new customers. Of course, if you place it on a convenient site, for example, on a YouTube channel. Besides, people are already tired of communication like this. Therefore, this trend is not unambiguous. The format will evolve, but whether it will supplant events with live communication is a moot point.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel communication is not just a customer-friendly switching between sites and devices. This term means much more than a strategy, when the store posts beautiful photos on Instagram, publishes funny videos on TikTok and maintains a channel with news and useful information in Telegram. Channels adapt to the needs of the buyer and adapt to their lifestyle.

This is an ecosystem that also includes mailings, chats, etc. It works for the customer continuously: the visitor can navigate through the channels without losing contact with the store. Aerobatics – to combine online and offline stores, with a system for the delivery and booking of goods. For example, Alibaba”s Chinese grocery stores are already implementing the concept of “new retail”, which is the epitome of omnichannel. They have delivery, food court and fulfillment center. And an application has been created for customers, which at the same time tracks their requests, thanks to which only the products in demand are brought to the warehouses. There is also a flexible system of discounts, promotions and product recommendations based on preferences.

Inbound marketing

This type of marketing is completely content-based. Content is a king, as they say. I”m tired of direct advertising, but useful tests, videos, diagrams, etc. will be able to attract visitors to your website or account. It takes time and expertise, but the result promises to be of high quality and long-term. By showing your competence and giving your clients useful content, you will gain audience loyalty. And this, believe me, is worth a lot. If you post articles or posts, make them valuable. Add infographics, share research data, make a joke or reflect on a professional topic. The format must be chosen based on the characteristics of the social network: on Facebook, you can publish more expert things and not so limit yourself in volume. On Instagram, it”s better to give lighter posts that are easy to read visually. Or redirect visitors to an external site.

Shoppable content

Let”s say you have a clothing store on Instagram. There are beautiful photos, a decorated feed and relevant, working targeting. But, oh, horror, you do not write the price under the posts! It’s just a gross mistake that only makes people angry. There are many theories as to why this is done. There are even rumors that in such unfortunate stores the price is called based on the account of a potential buyer. If they see that a person posts photos from expensive restaurants and drives a cool car, the cost will be called exorbitant. After all, to buy a dress you like, you need to write a message and then place an order and delivery. Or come to the showroom. Until the potential buyer goes through these stages, the love for the dress will pass and the impulsive desire to buy will disappear. In addition, such an impulse will face the difficulty of making a decision immediately due to the unknown cost. Well, I don’t want to write a message to anyone, and indeed communicate with a stranger. How to solve this problem? Reduce steps to purchase as much as possible by combining content and product information.

 An example is the official account of the H&M brand. In the photo in the account, items of clothing are marked with an indication of the price. You just need to click and go to the site, where you can immediately place an order, no messages are needed in Direct. For cafes and restaurants, Instagram has also added an instant delivery service, which has greatly helped entrepreneurs this spring. This feature is already available in Russia, it is worth paying attention to.

 TikTok storytelling and triumph

 Customers are becoming more selective, picky about photos and text content. People want to be entertained. And fewer letters. Perhaps this is the secret of the popularity of the TikTok platform. The video format is easy to understand, does not require concentration and is attractive to the viewer due to its dynamism. The videos with the plot arouse particular interest. It can be a life story, a scene or dance staged according to the canons of directing. The application”s capabilities are only being adapted for sales, but a business tool has already been created, which allows brands to promote on this site.

 And what is outdated?

 Talking about trends, it is worth mentioning the irrelevant methods. It is possible to integrate them into the strategy, but it is worth remembering about the specificity and narrow focus.

 Indoor and outdoor advertising. Advertising billboards, pillars and other media, as well as posters in business centers, are outdated. Good design code does not imply fancy ad elements at all. And they work in a very limited area. It is better to advertise a global service in other ways.

Advertising on TV channels. Of course, TV channels have their own audience. But if yours is under 30 years old, then there is no need to expect success.

Advertising in print media. It can be described in two words: expensive and useless. This money is better spent more efficiently.

SMS spam. You can remind of an order or inform about a new promotion, but do not turn into a jewelry store that has been closing for five years already.

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